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The staff at Vacances Provencales Vacations (European Home Rentals) is dedicated to ensuring that each of our clients has a wonderful "home away from home experience" in Europe. We specialize in helping you find the best vacation rental property in countries such as France, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey.

To personally talk with one of our representative and discover how they can help you, please contact us. Or, explore our website and learn more about VPV and how we can find the right rental for you.

More Than Just Vacation Rentals
Our services go beyond just European vacation rentals. If you prefer to live in a Scotland castle, a farmhouse in Tuscany, or furnished villas in italy, we have a wide selection of vacation rental properties all over Europe. And we don't just stop at bookings because we know that a perfect vacation involves more than a living space. VPV (European Home Rentals) will be happy to help you acquire travel insurance, train tickets or rent a car. Barging trips, and art and cooking lessons hold the key to immersing yourself in another country and culture.

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VPV offers more than just bookings.

We offer competitive AUTO RENTAL RATES;
as well as travel, health, and cancellation insurance.

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